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Inhouse trade show 2009

Our inhouse trade show took place on September 4 and 5 and was once again a huge success. This trade show, which included leading manufacturers from many different sectors of the trade and visitors from all over Germany and 14 European nations, was our company’s top event in 2009.

Accompanied by some magnificent weather, we presented our new products at our customer center and on our company’s premises; the tours around our urn production facility were well received - as were the presentations held by other companies and associations attending.

Impressions from our customer center...

A grand evening event for our guests at the Congress Union Celle brought our show to a close. There was a terrific atmosphere and plenty to talk about during our gala buffet, live music and show program which continued on well into the early hours of the morning - with many new friendships being struck up in the process. An event at PLUDRA - FRANKFURT is - and will always be - something special.

As a family business, we highly value communicating with our customers on a personal basis. Our customers are also our friends - and they are who we work and live for.

Impressions of our evening event...